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HSP Book: An Online Discussion and Peer Group for the Highly Sensitive Person

HSP Tangent Subgroup
Welcome to the informational web site for "HSP Tangent," an online discussion group focusing on HSPs, intimacy and sexuality.

"HSP Tangent" is a subgroup of the original HSP Book discussion group. Active since May 2003, the group was created to afford HSPs a "safe forum" to discuss HSP sexuality and intimacy in a setting away from the "main" HSP group, where such topics might offend or upset some members.

The group encourages frankness and open discussion of all matters, regardless of sexual styles and gender preferences. Although the core focus of the group is the discussion of sexuality and intimacy, discussions will often also cover topics such as relationships, gender issues and more. Please note that this is NOT a place for "pick ups" or dating!

Because matters of sexuality can often be "triggering" in nature, we ask that discussion topics be treated with respect, compassion and an open mind. If a group message upsets you, please take a moment to step back and examine your feelings, rather than send out an immediate and potentially "reactive" response. Please remember that many points of view and preferences will be discussed in this group.

Please note: This is an ADULT (i.e. "over 18 only") group for the honest and safe discussion of intimate topics. Unless your browser and YahooGroups are set to allow "adult content," you will not be able to join this group. Before being able to access the group's content, you will have to confirm with Yahoo that you consent to viewing "Adult Content."

To apply for membership, please go to the group's home page on Yahoo groups, or click the purple button at right, below. All memberships must be approved by the moderator!

Thank you for your interest!

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